Support a Pink Fighter

The average cost of breast cancer treatment in Lagos, Nigeria is N 1million, this is a price the average Nigerian family can simply not afford.

If you wish to support a Pink Fighter, donate today. When you donate, you can indicate that your donation is for the Pink Fighter Program. 100% of your donation will go to helping a Pink Fighter pay for her treatment.

Below are the stories of a few of our Pink Fighters.

A Fighter’s Story


chioma-picChioma has HER2 triple positive breast cancer. This is an aggressive yet treatable form of breast cancer that affects 1 in 4 breast cancer patients. In addition to chemotherapy, Chioma will require a drug called Herceptin. Without this drug, her chances of survival diminish considerably.

A nine-week cycle of Herceptin treatment cost N1.224 million (approximately $ 7, 748). For a trader that earns N10, 000 a month (approximately $ 63), this treatment would be impossible, but because of the support you have shown Run For a Cure Africa by attending our events and donating to our programs, we are able to support Chioma through her breast cancer journey.

img2Ola’s combined monthly income is N12,000. A round of chemotherapy treatment is N60,000 – N100,000. She needs 6 rounds. When you support our Pink Fighter’s program, you help women like Ola afford a chance to survive.

1Faith has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Unable to continue working because of her illness, Faith quit her job and moved in with friends for support. Although she is battling this disease, Faith has remained upbeat and positive. RFCA recognizes the importance of support, financially, but more importantly, emotionally. Support a Pink Fighter today.

img2Julia is 37 years old. She found out she had breast cancer when she was nine- months pregnant, unable to do anything about it, she waited until after having her baby to start treatment, but then realized the cost was too much. She was referred to RFCA and we are currently sponsoring her treatment. Julia represents a growing number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer before the age 40. With the incidence of breast cancer before the age 40 on the rise, we need your support to create a greater awareness.

GiftGift is 42-years old and has six children. Gift is fighting breast cancer. She came to RFCA in December 2013. Despite her current condition, Gift displayed a strong heart and a strong mind. She is determined to beat this disease.

BakareBakare is currently on a drug called Zoometa which costs N65,000 a month for 12 months, however, she earns N18,000 a month as a teacher. But because of supporters like you, Run For a Cure Africa is covering Bakare’s drugs and radiotherapy. When you support our Pink Fighters, you support this mother of one.

fi-imgImagine if your doctor told you, you have breast cancer. Imagine still that your doctor tells you that your form of breast cancer is very aggressive and has the tendency to spread at uncontrollable rates and before you can get over the shock of this news she tells you the only drug that can treat it cost 1.5 million Naira which is more than your yearly salary. Helen is one of our Pink Fighters and she has HER2-Positive breast cancer. RFCA is helping to pay for the herceptin treatment she requires to fight this disease, but there are countess others like Helen that need our help.

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