More than a Run...

We started as a breast cancer awareness run, but to women like Feyi, we are now an organization that provides free annual breast cancer screenings, prosthetic breasts and bras after a mastectomy, financial support for breast cancer treatment, but most importantly, Hope.


A Fighter's Story

Faith has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Unable to continue working because of her illness, Faith quit her job and moved in with friends for support. Although she is battling this disease, Faith has remained upbeat and positive. RFCA recognizes the importance of support, financially, but more importantly, emotionally. Support a Pink Fighter today. Click here to learn more.

  • A Fighter's Story

    Imagine if your doctor told you, you have breast cancer. Imagine still that your doctor tells you that your form of breast cancer is very aggressive and has the tendency to spread at uncontrollable rates and before you can get over the shock of this news she tells you the only drug that can treat it cost 1.5 million Naira which is more than your ...

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